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About Us

Adeline Farms is a full-service wedding and event venue in Woodland, Washington stewarded by Muriel and Jenny Stanton-Johnson. Their picturesque farm has offered a serene and charming backdrop for over 200 weddings to date since 2015. The dedicated, experienced staff is committed to making your wedding a memorable and seamless experience.


Our Story

Adeline Farms has been shaped by the remarkable Thomas family legacy. Their hard work and dedication have made this place what it is today. Their unwavering commitment to family values and honor is felt in every corner of the farm.

Muriel and Jenny, the current stewards of the land, purchased the farm in 2014 and have been nurturing its growth ever since.

We've poured our hearts into restoring this place, ensuring that the traditions of the Thomas family live on. It's not just about preserving the past; it's about breathing new life into the farm. We've embraced small family farming, reconnecting with the land and fostering a sense of community that the Thomas family cherished.


Meet The Founders

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